The Darkside of Oz stained glass panel
Written by Matt   
Tuesday, 12 November 2013
Darkside of Oz - preparation
Darkside of Oz - completed panel

In January 2010 we posted a nice stained glass panel, created by BD regular Robert Djordjevic, based around the iconic cover for The Dark Side of the Moon.

Robert has, after many hours, just finished his latest piece - which has come out really well. He told us: "The Darkside of Oz stained glass is complete with well over 300 pieces. This took me along time to make due to working steady midnights and 3 little kids. But I had this vision to make this Floyd / OZ stained glass and DSOTM is my favourite album. I think I listened to the CD about a 100 times during the creation of this stained glass.

"Pink Floyd and art to me are one. This is my favourite stained glass to date and I made hundreds of stained glass pieces. It's a shame that I will be selling this during one of my Art shows next year. But I need to build a stained glass shop next to my house so I can continue to make more rock themed stained glass pieces.

"I will send you another picture with this in a window but here it is. I wish there was a way to show Mason, Waters or Gilmour my stained glass. But that said I think Pink Floyd fans on Brain Damage will enjoy this. It's one of a kind..."