Uncut looks at The Dark Side of the Moon, 40 years on
Written by Matt   
Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Uncut Magazine, November 2013Officially on sale in the UK from tomorrow, September 25th, but in some already today, the November 2013/issue 198 of the UK's Uncut magazine has a cover feature on The Dark Side of the Moon, with the tag line from Nick Mason: "We still squabble about it today..."

The article, which features new interviews with a number of people involved in the album, and a couple of interesting newly unearthed pictures, is an absorbing look back to 40 years ago. A key element of the piece are the comments from Nick, such as "We were obviously very depressed people..."

Elsewhere in the magazine are features on The Replacements, John Lydon, and David Crosby.

Attached to the cover is a CD of "the best new music", with a suitably Floydian image and name: All That Is Now. You can buy Uncut in all good UK stores now, and it will be available in selected outlets worldwide as an import. Alternatively, you can buy it (again, worldwide) via Newsstand.co.uk.