Nick Mason signed "Inside Out" books - update
Written by Matt   

Nick Mason- UPDATED June 2023 with latest version of the order form -
One of the more popular items that have been promoted through Brain Damage for many years now, is Nick Mason's excellent book, "Inside Out: A Personal History Of Pink Floyd" signed with your choice of dedication, by Nick himself.

Even though the offer has been running for quite a while, we've had confirmation today that Nick is still more than happy to take care of this for you! What better present for the Floyd nut in your life, or indeed, for yourself? You can now email the form over, and raise any questions via a specific email address. Gone is the old method of faxing over the forms, which we know some of you increasingly found a challenge. Below is the current version of the order forms (from June 2023) which is the only one that should be used; if you have any older versions, please disregard them.

The nice people at Nick's office organising it offer signed delivery, whichever country you live in. Sent from the UK, the cost of the book - the UK's original, lavish hardback edition - is £50, plus shipping. This is priced at £16 (for the UK), £22 (Europe) and £33 (North America and the rest of the world), all of which require a signature on delivery. Now, those who have seen the UK's hardback edition (the edition that Nick is signing for you) will know it weighs a ton (figuratively speaking) - so wherever you live, it is an expensive item to send.

However, where else can you get Nick to put your chosen message for a loved one (or yourself!) down in writing, and know that it is genuine (unlike some of the items sold daily on eBay with obviously faked signatures on)?

Please be aware that at certain times, Nick may be on holiday or involved in various projects - such as his new band, Nick Mason's Saucerful Of Secrets, touring - which obviously has quite an effect on the speed that books can be signed and sent - especially as Nick writes each dedication himself. No "secretarial signatures" or pre-signed books here!

To order the book, simply download the following form:

Nick Mason signed and dedicated Inside Out book order form -

and complete your details, emailing the form through to the address given at the bottom. Full delivery and payment details are included on the form. Please order very early to ensure delivery for specific events (such as birthdays, weddings, and other celebrations).

Our thanks to Nick and his team for continuing to make this possible.