Special preview clip from BBC's Darkside
Written by Matt   
Friday, 23 August 2013

Excitement is clearly building for Monday's BBC Radio 2 broadcast of Darkside at 10pm UK time, and to help build the anticipation, our friends at the BBC have just sent us not just an audio teaser but a VIDEO extract, below, from the play to give Floyd fans a flavour of what it will look like on Monday night at bbc.co.uk/radio2. As a side note, we've had masses of people ask what the situation is internationally, and we've had confirmation from the BBC that the live broadcast will be available to stream worldwide from their site, with no geo-blocking to stop people outside the UK from tuning in, which is excellent news for many!

As we've mentioned though, the BBC are giving Floyd fans the opportunity to choose the Ultimate Pink Floyd Playlist for a two-hour show airing on BBC 6 Music/Radio 2 on Monday at 8pm, just prior to the Darkside broadcast. What do you think must be included in this ultimate playlist? Let them know by leaving a comment with your suggestion and reason, tweet using #Darkside, and read their blog for more information: http://bbc.in/14Z2BQF.

In this teaser clip from Darkside, Emily and the boy seek out the Wise One in an attempt to discover the secret of life...