Ron Geesin's Atom Heart Mother story - eBook now available
Written by Matt   
Sunday, 18 August 2013

Ron Geesin - The Flaming Cow: The Making of Pink Floyd's Atom Heart MotherRon Geesin's 'The Flaming Cow: The Making of Pink Floyd's Atom Heart Mother' has been getting very positive feedback from all aspects of the Floyd community. The book gives Ron's own perspective on the project, and it really is a fantastic read!

From Nick Mason's amusing foreword, through the story of how Ron got to know the various members of the Floyd, to co-composing and recording the piece variously known as Epic and The Amazing Pudding, before settling on the title we all know and love, the book reveals all with a great wit and honesty. Alongside the text are masses of previously unseen photos from the recording sessions, showing the band and others involved, including the choir and brass, all hard at work creating a transitional piece in the Floyd's history. These alone could be argued as worth the price of admission.

Even if Atom Heart Mother (either the Suite, or the album in its entirety) isn't amongst your favourite Floyd, the book will give you a fascinating insight into the making of a major piece of music. Check out our review here. To order the hardback edition of this great book, please use these direct links: Amazon UK,,, Amazon France, Amazon Germany, Amazon Espana and Amazon Italy.

For those who prefer the convenience of reading on their Apple iThings, the eBook version is now available to purchase and download from the iTunes Bookstore. There are enhancements and extras over the print edition - principally, you can see Ron answering questions submitted by Brain Damage visitors about Atom Heart Mother, in a fascinating two-part video Q&A session. There is also a guide to rare versions of the album, courtesy of Ron's son, Joe Geesin. Find out more and order yours, here.