Roger Waters, Athens 2013 - date/venue reverts to OAKA
Written by Matt   
Thursday, 18 July 2013

Roger Waters official Facebook page has the Roger Waters - OAKA Stadium, 2013 posterman himself putting it very succinctly: "To all the Greek fans: thank you, you did it- the gig is back on the original date at the original venue. OAKA on July, 31. - Roger"

So, the concert due to take place at OAKA Olympic Stadium in Athens, Greece, on July 31st, that recently shifted to Terra Vibe Park on August 1st, has reverted to the original plan. As before, tickets bought for either venue remain valid for the latest iteration of the show.

Our friend George Kargiolakis told us that there seemed to be some concern over the ability to set up the concert at OAKA stadium on the specified date (July 31st), thus a change had to be made. Of course, a lot of fans were not happy about this - not least, the venue is seen as a very poor choice, coupled with the massive disruption to travel and accomodation plans for many. Subsequently, there were a number of protests, but thankfully DIDI Music, the organisers, relented and reverted back to the original venue and date. Roger's thanks implies that he was relieved at the fans' pressure, and there was also a sense that he didn't want to perform at Terra Vibe too...