'Bad Day At The Office' video now online
Written by Matt   
Wednesday, 03 July 2013

A month ago, we told you about a new 12-minute animated film based on the tribulations of the Floyd's lighting director at Detroit's Olympia Stadium, 23rd June 1973. The film, 'Bad Day At The Office', was created by a film-maker fan of the band who created a tongue in cheek animation based on an actual recording of Floyd lighting designer Arthur Max grappling with the technical challenge of working with a brand-new follow-spot crew.

At the time, the venue policy was to use only in-house staff who were more used to covering ice hockey events. The film shows an animated version of Arthur Max trying to work with these new people, and is accompanied by a live rendition of Obscured by Clouds. Some of you will have heard the audio of this during the fourth of the six part Capital Radio Pink Floyd Story from 1976/77, and will know just how amusing it is as Max figuratively pulls his hair out at the people running the lighting. The good news is that the video is just as funny.

Directed by animator Cliff Port and produced by Simone Kay, the world premiere for 'Bad Day at the Office' was at this year's sold out Glastonbury Festival, last weekend, but now they have released the film on YouTube: