Nick Mason guesting on new Nicky Haslam album
Written by Matt   
Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Nicky Haslam - Midnight MatineeOn July 1st, Midnight Matinee is released via Amazon UK and also iTunes. This new album from famed interior designer Nicky Haslam has him enlisting an array of singers and musicians, many of which are his friends, to help him branch into the world of music at the tender age of 73.

Amongst these musicians is Nick Mason, whom Nicky Haslam describes as 'Pink Floyd' on his Facebook page and in various interviews where he has talked about the album. The words of James Joyce, Andy Warhol, F.Scott Fitzgerald, W.B. Yeats, Raymond Chandler and Cyril Connolly, read by luminaries as varied as Tracey Emin, Bob Geldof, Rupert Everett and A.N. Wilson, are peppered throughout a sequence of duets on the album. Nicky sings with Bryan Ferry, Cilla Black, Helena Bonham Carter and Sebastien Leon on songs by the great song-writers of the past; Freidrich Hollaender, Rodgers & Hart, and Irving Berlin. There's also an exclusive brand-new composition by award-winning writer Guy Chambers. As Bob Geldof put it, possibly tongue-in-cheek or at the very least, rather over-enthusiastically, "Sgt. Pepper’s, Exile On Main St, Blonde On Blonde, Dark Side Of The Moon & Midnight Matinée - the 5 essential must-haves of contemporary culture!”

Our thanks to Mike Greene for his detective work on this project.