Roger Waters - the final tour?
Written by Matt   
Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Classic Rock issue 186In a new interview with Classic Rock magazine (as reported by TV3 in Ireland), Roger Waters is considering the possibility that he may quit touring after his 2013 The Wall Live dates are concluded.

"It might just be [my last tour]. I'm not a great singer or entertainer, so the concept is very important. I've no trick that I can perform until my 90th [Birthday]. On the other hand, the ambition to make new music is growing". He talks about the technical challenges of the current production: "It's a piece of theatre, so it has to be controlled ...The lighting and visual content has to be in sync with the music we're making. I'm happy to sacrifice the freedom of guitar players flailing about doing anything they want, on the altar of creating a show that moves people and that's political and so on".

"There are still thousands of children in the world waiting for their fathers they'll never see. I lost my dad in the second war. I was only five months old but the wounds are still there. In this new version of 'The Wall' the show focused less on my personal loss. I'm older now, I can take more distance and so the songs have gotten a more universal meaning."