Storm Thorgerson - more tributes
Written by Matt   
Monday, 22 April 2013

Storm Thorgerson memorialThis weekend, had an update from the colleagues of Storm, who very sadly passed away on Thursday. "In accordance with Storm's wishes, the studio will continue to work through this sad time and into the foreseeable future. The team remains in place, steered by Peter Curzon, Rupert Truman and Dan Abbott, and will continue the work of creating 'normal but not' images while having a cup of tea and thinking about 'it'." Accompanying their update is the image to the right.

Elsewhere this weekend, news media across the world paid tribute to Storm Thorgerson, who very sadly passed away on Thursday. This was in the form of articles, tributes and even political/topical cartoonists using Storm's images as the basis of their regular submissions.

In amongst the obituaries, was a tribute from Aubrey 'Po' Powell, who worked with Storm for many years, that was published in the UK's The Guardian. Within his reflections, Po notes that "Storm's ideas were extraordinary, but the execution even more so. He insisted on creating real sculptures for each of his projects. Everything had to be built and photographed in situ to a size determined by the idea. No fakery, no Photoshop, or no deal.

"Things were never made easy for Storm's clients. He was a lateral and fearless thinker for whom the presentation of ideas was like a game of intellectual charades, with a few clues as to the meaning of the work thrown in every now and again. More often than not, the images he produced were unrelated to the original brief, and so it became a marathon task to interpret what came out of Storm's head.

"Always late, nearly always forgiven; full of quips, some not always appreciated; far too clever for his own good, but with a crazily gifted mind; rarely compromising, always fighting to the end, and wearing obstruction down in the belief of his own work, Storm rarely lost his way. The boy done good." For the full article, click here.

Finally, following on from David Gilmour's comments, Nick Mason's tribute to his old friend was posted on Nick said: "Scourge of management, record companies and album sleeve printers; champion of bands, music, great ideas and high, sometimes infuriatingly high, standards. Defender of art over commerce at all times, and tireless worker right up to the end. Two days before he passed away, and by then completely exhausted he was still demanding approval for art work and haranguing his loyal assistants.

"Dear friend to all of us, our children, our wives (and the exes). Endlessly intellectual and questioning. Breathtakingly late for appointments and meetings, but once there invaluable for his ideas, humour, and friendship. Irreplaceable and unforgettable, but leaving a wonderful legacy of ideas, film, writings and art work, Hipgnosis and Storm have contributed to so many musicians to engineer sums immeasurably greater than their parts."