30 years of The Final Cut - twenty facts about the album
Written by Matt   
Thursday, 21 March 2013

thumb_2011_rw_merch.jpgToday marks the 30th anniversary of the UK release of Pink Floyd's album, The Final Cut. It was reissued in 2004 as a remaster, and it also formed part of 2011's Why Pink Floyd catalogue reissue. The album, of course, was the last to feature Roger Waters, and came at a time when the band weren't enjoying the best of relations with each other. However, the album is a favourite for many, and is a forerunner to some of Roger's later solo work.

To help mark the anniversary, Brain Damage founder Glenn Povey has come up with twenty rather interesting things about The Final Cut for Classic Rock Magazine, and they have just posted the list, complete with embedded video clips to illustrate some of the facts that Glenn has selected for Floyd-fan and non-Floyd-fan alike. Read the article in full here...