Turkish pianist gives Pink Floyd tracks Lisztian treatment
Written by Matt   
Friday, 25 January 2013

As we all know, over many years, tribute bands and other artists have covered Pink Floyd songs. Recently, though, a new approach to three of the band's tracks has captured the imagination of the classical world. A young Turkish pianist and graduate of the Royal Academy of Music, Aysedeniz Gokcin, has interpreted Floyd's music in a "Lisztian" way.

As reported on the ClassicFM website, she said: "I was inspired by Liszt's legacy, his showmanship as a touring pianist - he was one of the first to play to audiences as big as 3000 people at a time. And I love Pink Floyd's music." The next live performance by Gokcin is at St James' Piccadilly in London on April 25th. Her version of 'Another Brick In The Wall' can be heard below; of the three songs she currently performs, we were particularly struck by her rendition of Hey You which worked particularly well...