Dave Kilminster debut album gets mainstream release
Written by Matt   
Saturday, 01 December 2012

Dave Kilminster - ScarletDave Kilminster, guitarist on the Roger Waters The Wall Live tour, has just given his debut album a mainstream release. The CD, "Scarlet – The Director's Cut" is now available in stores including Amazon UK and Amazon.com (who have it as an import from Europe, or you can buy it far cheaper as an MP3 album).

Named "Guitarist of the Year" by Guitar Magazine in 1991, the recognition propelled Kilminster on a career as a multifaceted guitarist, vocalist, writer, engineer, and producer. Credited by keyboard legend Keith Emerson for inspiring him to go on the road again, Dave is now a familiar figure worldwide to fans of progressive rock. He's won a lot of new fans with his work as part of Roger's band, with the signature solo in Comfortably Numb, delivered by Kilminster from the top of the wall, being one of the key moments of the show.

Dave on Scarlet: "I guess the album is just a reflection of all the wonderful music that I grew up listening to on the radio, along with some deeply personal lyrics. It also represents the first time that I've ever been let loose in a studio, so I was definitely like a kid in a candy store!!! Hence trying a whole bunch of things I've never done before...like singing lead vocals, playing piano and even scoring for a string quartet! There's so much of my heart, soul, passion and energy in this recording... you can almost see my DNA in the grooves of the CD!!! So I really hope you enjoy the listening experience..."