London Pink Floyd house sells at auction for 1.2m
Written by Matt   
Friday, 21 September 2012

A house in Highgate, north London, where founder members of the band Pink Floyd lived has been bought, unseen, in an auction yesterday by a Singaporean developer who also bought the house next door. Shivan Iswaran paid £1.2million for each house.

The house was owned by landlord Mike Leonard, who sadly passed away earlier this year. Leonard was a lighting technician, and for a while worked with the band, inspiring one of names they plied their trade under - Leonard's Lodgers. During the band's time at the house, the BBC's TV show Tomorrow's World filmed Leonard working on some of his lighting designs, whilst the band jammed in the background:

The property in Highgate was unchanged since the band left, Savills auctioneer Russell Taylor said, and includes a number of old instruments and other equipment, as this BBC report recently reveals, some of which may well have been used by the band. It is even thought that there are pieces of Nick Mason's Aston Martin in the garden! Russian TV have also covered this story, and their video report can be viewed through this link.

Iswaran - not a fan of the band - said that she had a friend who was a Floyd fan who may be interested in the odd item of memorabilia. "I'll maybe put some of the stuff on eBay," she said. Christopher Coleman Smith, of Savills Auctions, said a "piece of rock and roll history" had been bought.