Dutch astronaut uses Pink Floyd to create atmosphere in space
Written by Matt   
Friday, 03 August 2012

Andre KuipersAndré Kuipers, Dutch physician and ESA astronaut, the first Dutch astronaut to make two journeys into space, recently revealed himself to be a Pink Floyd fan whilst talking about his experiences on the International Space Station.

"You're just working. There is noise, someone is training, there is music. The fan is noisy, someone is calling from the ground. You are constantly busy. You have to really isolate and call deliberately for some atmosphere. At night everything is made dark around me and listened to the music of Pink Floyd for example, Dark Side of The Moon I had with me. Then you look outside and then you realize that you really float around the earth. That is very special. Then you think: this is the dream. Now I am in the science fiction world where I used to dream about," said Kuipers in an interview with Reuters.

This is the original link to the Dutch newspaper. Our thanks to Richard van Oosterhout for the info and translation.