Quebec prepares for the arrival of Roger Waters
Written by Matt   
Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Quebec prepares for Roger Waters (Le Soleil)Le Soleil in Canada are today reporting on this coming Saturday's huge concert at Les Plaines d'Abraham in Quebec City, for which there are still some tickets available to buy through official sources. The concert is due to be a spectacular conclusion to the 2012 tour.

The promoter Michel Brazeau says his entourage will work "day and night" to prepare the stage and site, including the wall of over 728 feet long, and has said that only a bad snowstorm would stop the show. "[Roger is] a perfectionist. People who work for him are perfectionists. There is little that is left to chance. Sure there are always unexpected things, but there as little as possible of them. One thing that is clear is that it will be ready for Saturday. Even if it would rain heavily all week, it'll be ready for Saturday," said Brazeau. "And the names that are associated with Roger Waters, they are all guys who have decades of experience. It'll work."

Yesterday, Environment Canada forecast for Saturday a mix of sun and cloud with a temperature of about 27 degrees. Forty-six truckloads of equipment are expected to arrive shortly in Quebec with the stage, equipment, and crew. They will be adding to the portion of the wall already built by the Quebec workers, to make the longest wall ever built during The Wall Live shows.

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