Two interesting new interviews with Roger Waters
Written by Matt   
Saturday, 30 June 2012

This week, two new interviews with Roger Waters have been published which are both quite fascinating.

The first of these comes courtesy of Q107 radio in Toronto, and more specifically their presenter Dominik Diamond. He did a telephone interview with Roger on June 21st, who was clearly up for a chat and on great form. Earlier this week, Dominik posted the aired interview in three chunks, but today, the full telephone conversation is available to listen to via Dominik's Soundcloud page.

As Dominik told us, the "main difference is that there is much more chat from Roger about the politics of the Wall, the state of America and the world in general, more stuff about how much he loves the Occupy movement etc. It's about 35 minutes in total and pretty cool." Roger also talks about his new material, sharing some lyrics, and even talks about how he is mulling over certain musicians for the new music. Definitely worth a listen...

The other interview appears at with additional questions, and responses from Roger, at their blog site. Roger makes it clear from the outset that he wouldn't be moving on to intimate shows in small concert halls, from the huge, theatrical nature of The Wall. "What? Sit down with my acoustic guitar? No. That is an extraordinary talent that a lot of people have, but it's not one of my talents... It always looked to me like my challenge when I went into rock ’n’ roll in the mid-60s was how can we make this more moving? By making it more theatrical was my answer."

They also ask about progress on the Broadway version of "The Wall", which has been in development for quite some time now. Written in part with "Billy Elliot" playwright Lee Hall, Roger's theatrical take on it is still a clear possibility. "I did meet [Lee] the last time we were in New York and we had a great dinner together, and he came to the London shows and he's still very enthusiastic and so am I, so I'm sure it's something that will happen, and I think the success of [the North American] arena and ballpark shows can only help the momentum of making something for Broadway."