Nick Mason interview in new issue of Relix Magazine
Written by Matt   
Saturday, 16 June 2012

Relix, June 2012The June 2012 issue of Relix Magazine in the US has a short, one-page feature of interest to Floyd fans. 'Parting Shots: Nick Mason on Pink Floyd's Immersion and Beyond' consists of an interview with Nick, talking about the background to the recent reissue campaign.

"We realized that perhaps because it had been such a long time, it actually might be interesting and the fans might like the details on how we did things. In the past, the theory had always been that you just released the album—as perfect as you can make it—in its final form. I have a big collection of jazz records with a lot of outtakes and it does increase the interest."

On the potential audience for the multi-disc sets, Nick suggested that it was for "people who know the music already and would like to engage at another level, particularly with The Wall, where you can track one song from the original Roger demos through the band demos to the actual recording to the live playing. It’s not what I’d recommend to a beginner.

"The idea was always that if people liked it, we could continue. I would love to get started on an early Pink Floyd Immersion, although we're very short on music. We do have some demos that we recorded before we had a record contract, and we have some tracks from around A Saucerful of Secrets that have been bootlegged but never put on records."

The full interview is within the magazine, which is available now from stores in the US, and internationally in selected locations as an import.