Rare early Pink Floyd live photo exhibition - launch report
Written by Bruce Tippen   
Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Adam Ritchie exhibition - outside the galleryLast month we told you about "Flashback", a new exhibition of rare early Pink Floyd live photos, opening in London. Saturday evening saw the official launch event, and BD's own Bruce Tippen was there to check it out, and meet up with Adam Ritchie, the photographer.

Adam is a man of many talents, spending time as an economist, as a photographer for 15 years, and as a cabinet maker, furniture designer and builder. He has now retired but remembers the days spent with his flat-mate Hoppy in the 60s starting the 'revolution' with the London Free School.

Adam originally had over 300 photos of the early Floyd from 1966 but only managed to salvage one case of pictures following a very unfortunate loss of his archive by the shop where he had placed his trust in the early days. Hence, what we see now is all that remains from what would have been an amazing collection. These are shots from the Architectural Association Party and UFO Club both from December 1966.

Artisan is a bespoke, compact gallery run by a friend of Adam's, Naomi Harrison. Adam grew up in the area around north-west London so he is delighted to show his photos on home ground.

The colours from the Pink Floyd light show hit you as you walk into the naturally well lit room passed a rather large poster of Roger Waters in his striped 60's pants from one of Adam's live shots from the UFO Club. The selection on view is presented in A3 framed prints and full poster size with a fine collection of black and white photos from the Velvet's inbetween. Also available are some postcards and fridge magnets!

These wonderful colour prints from 1966 are available from Adam at very reasonable prices and are very well presented at this exhibition of his early work. About 20 pictures of Pink Floyd are on show.

"Flashback" runs from March 9th - 24th, 2012, Wednesday to Saturday from 11am to 5pm, and more information can be found at www.artisan80.com.

Adam Ritchie exhibition Adam Ritchie exhibition