Roger Waters biography published in Argentina
Written by Matt   
Friday, 02 March 2012

Roger Waters book - ArgentinaWith great timing, due to the imminent record breaking Wall concerts in the country this month, a new biography of Roger Waters appeared in Argentinian bookstores yesterday (March 1st). "Roger Waters - Paredes y puentes: el cerebro de Pink Floyd" (which translates as "Walls and bridges: the brain of Pink Floyd") is certain to be a popular title with the many Floyd fans in that country.

The book is described as the "first and only biography of the English musician who broke all the records in Argentina. An essential document written by the specialized Argentinian rock reporter Sergio Marchi, to understand this genius, and how a young boy - almost an architect - paradoxically build his musical career knocking down walls".

The author, Sergio Marchi, has been a music journalist in the country for many years, writing for everything from newspapers to the local edition of Rolling Stone. This is his sixth book.

Our thanks to Claudio David Knaup for his help in bringing this information to you.