Harry Waters to perform solo show in Buenos Aires
Written by Matt   
Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Harry Waters 2012 solo concert in Buenos AiresSome of you will recall that back in November 2010, Harry Waters took advantage of a free night on the Roger Waters Wall tour that year, to make a special appearance at a local Miami venue called "7th Circuit Studios". Some good news for our friends who will be in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on Sunday, March 11th - another special one-off show has been lined up, in the midst of the record-breaking run of his father's shows.

Follow this link for more information on the show and the venue. Scroll down the target page, and you'll find Harry's show. The picture to the right [click the thumbnail] is the concert poster that is currently plastered all over Buenos Aires announcing the show!

Harry's solo album was licensed to an Argentine label called DBN Discos, and as a bonus for the Latin American edition, Harry joined forces with an up and coming Tango music oriented act in Argentina called Timotteo. They recorded two bonus songs, covers of songs by the legendary Argentinean bandoneon player Astor Piazolla. Violentango and Libertango are the two bonus cuts. The new version of the CD is now available to purchase via Amazon USA.

The album enlists, amongst others, Ian Ritchie on tenor sax, Chester Kamen on acoustic guitar, and the excellent Yaron Stavi on double bass (part of Phil Manzanera's band for the Firebird V11 project). We really enjoyed Harry's first album; its style and infectious jazz-centred tunes certainly made us sit up and listen, and might take you by surprise!

The standard edition (without the extra tracks noted above) can be ordered through the following links: Amazon UK, Amazon.com, Amazon Canada, Amazon Germany, or Amazon France. Harry's own website, www.HarryWaters.co.uk, includes some audio samples to give you a taster.