Taken By Storm exhibition to open at Newcastle gallery
Written by Matt   
Thursday, 02 February 2012

Storm Thorgerson, May 2009Storm Thorgerson's frankly unmissable "Taken By Storm" exhibition, previously seen at London's gallery@oxo in 2009 (our review here), is now heading up to the north of England. The exhibition opens at the Opus Art Gallery in Newcastle upon Tyne next Monday (February 6th), and runs until March 16th, 2012. As before, entrance is free.

Celebrating some 40 years of creating iconic artwork for not just Pink Floyd, but other artists such as Led Zeppelin, Muse, The Mars Volta, and Peter Gabriel, "Taken By Storm" is a great chance to see some of the most memorable and disturbing yet intriguing album covers, presented in their best state, enlarged and pristine: big and bold like the music they seek to represent.

Running for over a month, it is a wonderful opportunity to see some truly rare pieces - some familiar, others not so - in a gallery setting. The quality and vibrancy of their presentation is enthralling; the following shots give an idea of how the show has been laid out previously. You really do owe it to yourself (and to Storm!) to pay the exhibition a visit if you are able to...

Storm Thorgerson May 2009 launch Storm Thorgerson May 2009 launch
Storm Thorgerson May 2009 launch Storm Thorgerson May 2009 launch

The exhibition is also commemorated in print form by the similarly excellent "Taken By Storm" which can be ordered through the following links: Amazon UK, Amazon US/International, Amazon Canada, Amazon Germany, or Amazon France. If you live outside these countries, don't worry - Amazon stores will ship the book worldwide.

EXHIBITION DETAILS This exhibition is open to the public from February 6th, through to March 16th 2012 at Opus Fine Art, Milburn House, Dean Street, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 1NR. For more details, including opening hours, visit Opus-Art.com.