More Pink Floyd coverage and Nick Mason interviews in UK magazines
Written by Matt   
Monday, 12 September 2011
Record Collector issue 393
Uncut Magazine October 2011

Published this weekend, the new issue (number 393, October 2011) of the UK's Record Collector Magazine includes an interesting chat with Nick Mason concerning the upcoming Pink Floyd reissue campaign which kicks off later this month.

In the interview, Nick talks about the various early recordings they have, and he expresses his interest in doing an Immersion edition of both Piper and Saucerful. Questions inevitably turn to the future, and Nick reveals he'd like to work in Ibiza, expressing his admiration for the "DJs whoc work with live music and play themselves. I love all that technology and how dedicated they are...". The magazine is in UK stores now, will be available worldwide in selected outlets shortly as an import, and can be bought online here.

Also in the UK last week, the new issue (October 2011) of Uncut Magazine appeared, which also features Nick Mason, in an eleven-page special. In it, Nick explains the rationale behind the reissue campaign. Uncut give a walk-through of the DSOTM "work-in-progress" mix coming with the Immersion edition, and - for the fans of early Floyd - some extremely interesting comments come from Nick. He expresses his wish for a Piper/Saucerful Immersion, that he hopes would include some great early rarities including a recording he has of them playing 'Walk With Me Sydney' and 'Double O-Bo'. Andy Jackson adds "there is potentially the material to make an album of unreleased Barrett-era stuff".

The magazine is in UK stores now, and will be available in selected countries worldwide as an import. More info at