Nick Mason turns the Kindle Inside Out!
Written by Matt   
Saturday, 03 September 2011

Nick Mason - Inside Out: A Personal History of Pink FloydHot on the heals of the Kindle ebook conversions of Phil Taylor's "The Black Strat: A History Of David Gilmour's Black Fender Stratocaster" and Guy Pratt's "My Bass And Other Animals" (both superb books and well worth a read in any format), comes the long-awaited Kindle edition of Nick Mason's excellent "Inside Out - A Personal History of Pink Floyd".

The formatting of the book into electronic format is pretty good, with a decision clearly made to put most (but not all) of the photos to the back of the book in one big section. The captions - which often get dislodged from photos in ebooks - are on the whole in the right places, although putting the pictures together does take them out of context to a degree.

The edition converted is the very latest edition, recently published in paperback format, bringing the band's story pretty much up to date. To purchase your copy of this essential read for your Kindle (or Kindle reader app on an iPod or other device), for immediate electronic delivery, please follow these links: Amazon UK,, and Amazon Germany.