Nick Sedgwick passes away; Roger Waters to publish his Floyd manuscript
Written by Matt   
Thursday, 25 August 2011

This evening, we heard the sad news that writer Nick Sedgwick has passed away this week. Well know for his music-related material, he has long been involved with Roger Waters, and his work has appeared in liner notes and tour programmes.

On the Roger Waters Facebook page this evening, Roger talks of his sadness, and of a manuscript that Nick had written and that Roger now intends to publish. For those of you who are yet to be on Facebook, Roger's note is shared below:

[Roger Waters:] "One of my oldest friends, Nick Sedgwick, died this week of brain cancer. I shall miss him a lot. I share this sad news with you all for a good reason.

"He leaves behind a manuscript, "IN THE PINK" (not a hunting memoir).

"His memoir traces the unfolding of events in 1974 and 1975 concerning both me and Pink Floyd. In the summer of 1974 Nick accompanied me, and my then wife Judy, to Greece. We spent the whole summer there and Nick witnessed the beginnings of the end of that marriage.

"That autumn he travelled with Pink Floyd all round England on The Dark Side Of The Moon Tour. He carried a cassette recorder on which he recorded many conversations and documented the progress of the tour. In the spring of 1975 he came to America with the band and includes his recollections of that time also.

"When Nick finished the work in 1975 there was some resistance in the band to its publication, not surprising really as none of us comes out of it very well, it's a bit warts and all, so it never saw the light of day.

"It is Nick's wish that it be made available now to all those interested in that bit of Pink Floyd history and that all proceeds go to his wife and son.

"To that end I am preparing three versions, a simple PDF, a hardback version, and a super de-lux illustrated limited edition signed and annotated by me and hopefully including excerpts from the cassettes.

"Watch this space.


As we get more details of Roger's tribute to his friend, we will let you know.