Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here SACD - order now
Written by Matt   
Saturday, 13 August 2011

Hybrid multichannel SACDFor those who have been, for a few years now, eagerly awaiting the SACD of Wish You Were Here, we have the excellent news for you that it is indeed on its way and now available to preorder! The 5.1 SACD will be released by Acoustic Sounds, on the Analogue Productions label, with the mix done by James Guthrie, and produced by Gus Skinas at the Super Audio Center.

Due to arrive on November 7th 2011, the same date as the Experience and Immersion editions of WYWH, the SACD can now be ordered direct from Acoustic Sounds who will ship internationally. At present, we don't know of any other retailers who are selling this but will update you if we hear of others.

UPDATE: There have been some grumblings over the ordering process for this disc - Acoustic Sounds have a policy that non-continental US customers (including Canada, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and the rest of the world) have to order a minimum of $50 of goods. Also, for international orders, shipping costs are not given at time of order. You can now also order it from MUSIC DIRECT, and from ELUSIVE DISC, both of which have cheaper shipping internationally.

For those in Europe, there's now another option -, a German based retailer - which will mean you'll not face things like import taxes and will have cheaper shipping.