Nick Mason's "Inside Out" 2011 edition now shipping
Written by Matt   
Tuesday, 02 August 2011

Nick Mason - Inside Out 2011 editionAt the start of last month, we brought you a review of the revised, 2011 edition of Nick Mason's "Inside Out - A Personal History Of Pink Floyd".

The original book was a big hit with fans and critics alike for the candid and in places, incredibly amusing text looking at the rise of the band. The original paperback, released in October 2005, brought matters up to date with Nick's personal view of the band's reunion with Roger Waters for Live8, which included some new pictures, too. An entertaining audiobook, read by Nick, was published at the same time. Nick has been revising the text further, taking into account activities from the past five years, and making some changes to existing passages, and a new edition of the paperback for 2011 has just been published.

The original hardback edition was essential enough for Floyd fans, and the revised paperback in 2005, including the Live 8 reunion, made 'Inside Out' even more indispensable. If you haven't got the paperback, or indeed either edition, this really is the perfect time to fill the hole in your collection.

We've had confirmation from a few people that the 2011 edition is now shipping from the following retailers: Amazon UK, Amazon France, Amazon Germany, and