Syd Barrett book by Beecher & Shutes - special offer/prize draw
Written by Matt   
Monday, 01 August 2011

Barrett book - Beecher and ShutesMany of you will recall that last year, and the early part of this year, we told you about Barrett, a limited edition, high quality, large-format book that describes itself as the "definitive visual companion to the life of Syd Barrett".

Published in March 2011 in "Classic" and the 500-copy "Signature" editions, Barrett is the first book to have been made in conjunction with the Barrett family and the Syd Barrett Estate, and this has paid dividends with the material which has been uncovered and revealed for the first time. However, the publishers have cast their net far and wide, which has resulted in a wide variety of incredible, unpublished photos of the band, and Barrett, onstage and off. Our full review can be seen here.

As a special offer, for those who thought that the asking price for either edition was too much to pay all at once, they can now pay in stages and those taking advantage of this will be entered into a draw for prizes including an Adam Ritchie photo print of the band and a copy of the Signature Edition. More details of the staged payment scheme here.