Roger Waters - The Wall Live 2012 ticket

Capacity: 67,428
Concert starts: 8pm (now confirmed)

Address of venue: Praca Roberto Gomes Pedrosa No.1, 05653-070 Sao Paulo, Brazil. MAP

Website: www.saopaulofc.net



Roger's tour of The Wall continues its journey around Brazil, and arrives for the first of two nights at the Estadio do Morumbi in Sao Paulo. Roger performed here back in 2007, presenting The Dark Side Of The Moon. The concert was rescheduled to the intense interest in tickets for the Argentinian shows, and was originally due to take place on March 22nd.

General sale tickets are now on sale, through Ticketmaster.com.br. The RogerWaters.com presales have taken place for those who have pre-registered their interest in this location. The public sale will also see a limited number of VIP packages made available for each show on the tour. Our thanks to Christina for the ticket scan shown to the right.

UPDATE: This concert, originally to be held on March 31, has been rescheduled to April 3 due to logistical problems in the production of the tour. The show on April 1 remains unchanged. Tickets purchased for the March 31 need not be changed and still apply for the new date. Customers who bought tickets to the show on March 31 and cannot attend on April 3 will be entitled to a refund by returning the ticket to the place of purchase. 

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FIRST HALF: In the Flesh, The Thin Ice, Another Brick in the Wall Part 1, The Happiest Days of our Lives, Another Brick in the Wall Part 2, Mother, Goodbye Blue Sky, Empty Spaces, What Shall We Do Now, Young Lust, One of My Turns, Don't Leave Me Now, Another Brick in the Wall Part 3, The Last Few Bricks, Goodbye Cruel World
Hey You, Is There Anybody Out There?, Nobody Home, Vera, Bring the Boys Back Home, Comfortably Numb, The Show Must Go On, In The Flesh, Run Like Hell, Waiting for the Worms, Stop, The Trial, Outside the Wall.



Do not read on if you don't want surprises to be spoilt, regarding what the band played, and what happened as the night unfolded!

Night thirty of the tour, and the final show of the second major segment of the 2012 leg. This gives the band and extensive crew an almost three and a half week rest, before the production resumes in Mexico City for a brace of shows. If you went to this show in Brazil, please let us know what you thought of the event, and if anything interesting or different happened if you've been to previous shows and can compare.


It is with great satisfaction that I write to this wonderful website to describe what was The Wall Live in Morumbi Stadium. As a supporter of São Paulo Futebol Clube (the owner of Morumbi Stadium), I am actually used to go to that place and watch the "Tricolor" playing. And I do that since I was 3 years old (taken by my father, of course). Now I'm 27, so I have just incredible memories of watching titles conquests and great football matches at Morumbi.

But nothing can explain the emotion that I felt watching The Wall Live.

I went to the DSOTM Concert, in 2007 in the same venue. Well, it was beautiful, great, moving, fantastic but.... The Wall largely overcomes it.

Roger's team just transformed that giant stadium into a new conception of audio/visual experience. Much better than any cinema experience, the incredible surround system makes you feel like INSIDE of the music. Even better than listening to the album in a great music room, you have also The Giant Wall used as a screen, what transform the whole experience in something crazy, unreal.

I'll not tell about the details of the concert itself. As I believe that everyone are aware to know, there are no differences among the previous concerts. So what I saw everyone saw and others will see.

My contribution is just to tell to who has not watched the concert yet: JUST GO!

It's something of a lifetime, you just can't see such a thing whenever when you want.

Well, considering that certainly there will be some DVD material (please Roger, do that!), everyone will be able to watch it, so to improve my definition.....

You just can't FEEL such a thing whenever when you want... so JUST GO and FEEL the thing! It's amazing. It is not the same thing to watch videos...

Thank you very much, Roger, to have created that madness!


Hopefully coming soon - we welcome all contributions!

YOUR HELP NEEDED! We want to cover Roger's concerts the best we can, to share the experience with everyone, especially those who won't be able to attend the shows. We'd love to see ANY pictures, tickets scans, reviews, newspaper reports, and anything else you come across for this show - we look forward to hearing from you!

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