Roger Waters tour interviews, and additional Greek concert
Written by Matt   
Wednesday, 11 May 2011

With Roger Waters' production of The Wall arriving in UK today, with the first of six shows at London's O2 Arena, we start with some good news for those attending next week. The planned tube strike has been averted, meaning those using public transport to get to/from the O2 should be fine. For the London shows, more than 95 pupils from 12 secondary schools across the Tower Hamlets borough will join Roger on stage for Another Brick in the Wall.

Yesterday saw Roger's show in Athens, Greece on July 8th go on sale, and sold out within minutes. A second night there - July 9th - has now gone on sale, and this show concludes the European tour (assuming no more are added). To tie in with these Greek concerts, Roger is interviewed on the DidiMusic site.

Talking of interviews, the Independent newspaper (UK) today publishes a chat they had with Roger. A fairly short interview, with the normal explanations of the relevance of The Wall today.

A much longer, and very interesting, interview appeared over the weekend courtesy of the Irish Independent. In this, Roger looks back at his very earliest days, and the fears he had that, as a baby, he had killed his father. "After umpteen years of therapy," Roger admitted, "I finally realised that a recurrent dream I had where I was terrified that I had murdered someone and I was going to get caught... I stopped having that dream when I realised I thought I had killed my father when I was a tiny baby. Because it is well known that children always feel responsible for their parents' divorce and they feel responsible, if they are young enough, for the death of a parent. Infants and very young children, because they are feel they are the centre of the universe, tend to take responsibilities..."