Elusive Syd Barrett cover star discovered
Written by Matt   
Wednesday, 26 January 2011

madcap_back.jpgOne of the more striking aspects of the cover of Syd Barrett's debut album, The Madcap Laughs, is the back cover of the album and Iggy the Eskimo, the mysterious naked lady towards the back of the room. There has been much speculation (and in some cases, obsession) with the story of Iggy, and in a surprising turn of events, the lady herself has just surfaced!

In an article called "The Strange Tale Of Iggy The Eskimo", online and in slightly short form in the latest issue of the UK's Mojo Magazine, Mark Blake (author of the excellent Pigs Might Fly book) relates how he was recently contacted by her, and for the first time, the truth about Iggy has been revealed.

With a real name of Evelyn, she was born in Pakistan, and the Eskimo tag was only ever a joke to an NME photographer. She maintains that it was only recently that she discovered that the photo of her naked had ended up on the cover of the release. "I went to a boot sale with my husband... When I saw the cover, I thought, Oh yes, that is my bottom."

She talks at length about the 1960s, and how she met Syd, and David Gilmour. She discusses the Mick Rock photo sessions in which she was captured on film, but reveals an air of bemusement over the interest in her: "I heard on the radio that Syd died, and I felt sad, but it was so long ago. Mick Rock took some beautiful picture of me. But, of course, I wish I'd been paid some money for them. Still, it is amazing that people have been looking for me... and that someone has even set up a website. I still don't know what to make of all this."