Nick Mason interviewed in Classic Rock Prog magazine
Written by Matt   
Wednesday, 05 January 2011

Classic Rock Presents Prog - issue 13The new issue of Classic Rock Presents Prog (issue 13) recently published in the UK, should be of interest to Pink Floyd fans. Whilst the main feature is heavy coverage of Genesis, there are other artists covered in some detail within its pages, in particular Nick Mason, who is interviewed at length in a five-page, nicely illustrated piece.

In the interview, Nick shares his views on Roger's tour of The Wall, saying he won't be doing a guest spot, and praises Graham Broad ("...a terrific player. He'll take what I did and add to it." He talks about some of his influences, peers at the time Pink Floyd turned professional, but the majority of the interview has a focus towards his cars, inspired in no small part by the recent publication of Passion For Speed. The interview even answers the question on our lips, and the lips of many Top Gear viewers - why has Nick never been the "Star in a Reasonably Priced Car", doing a timed lap of the show's circuit in a vehicle more normally seen in a supermarket car park rather than a track! As expected, the subject of another much wished-for reunion is put to Nick, especially in light of the better relations between David and Roger. "We're not all hugging and going out on world tour together, but we can do the sensible things... I'd hope we could do something again in the future. I think there could be an appetite for it..." 

The magazine is not cheap at £7.99 but does include a ten-track CD of various prog artists. It's now on sale in the UK, and is available in selected locations worldwide as an import, or via for international mail order of this issue.