Nick Mason and Syd Barrett in current UK publications
Written by Matt   
Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Classic Rock issue 152 (December 2010)Two magazines were published in the UK today which might be of interest to Pink Floyd fans! First, the December 2010 issue of Classic Rock Magazine includes a fascinating two-page Q&A with Nick Mason.

In the chat, Nick talks about the Hoping Foundation show in July which saw Roger Waters and David Gilmour playing together, the chances of a Floyd reunion and album, and the way the music industry has changed since the 60s when Pink Floyd turned professional. He also notes that Pink Floyd could never tour again. "No, it's just too dangerous. Roger and David would end up killing each other. And that would just leave me... That was my plan entirely. Finally, I am the leader of Pink Floyd."

Elsewhere in the December edition of Classic Rock, there's an interview with Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey, a look at Bruce Springsteen's Born To Run, and the story behind The Move ("An everyday story of acid, axes, heavies, blacked-out cars and a 43-year-old political scandal. And some fantastic hits.")

And it comes with a couple of free gifts: a 2011 ‘Heavy Metal Cookbook’ Calendar, and a copy of Cheap Trick’s latest CD, aptly titled The Latest.

The second publication is the weekly NME (New Musical Express), which has a feature on the photographer Mick ROck. The magazine has three Mick Rock prints included with it - Rock's portraits of Debbie Harry, Iggy Pop, and Syd Barrett, captured during the Madcap Laughs cover shot session. Our thanks to Nino Gatti for the NME info.