Nick Mason talks of future rarities release
Written by Matt   
Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Nick MasonOn Sunday morning's Kate Silverton show on BBC Radio 5 Live, Kate interviewed Nick Mason about a range of subjects - with the pair even touching on the hopes of a release of rarities next year!

The fascinating interview, which can be heard for the next few days through this link, kicked off with talk of Nick being recognised (or not) in the street, through to the beginnings of the band, and quickly on to the suggestion of a reunion show. He made it clear that there are no plans at the moment, but that they were keen on another event such as Live 8. He added that "what would be great would be to go back and do the full show."

With the interview tying in with the publication of Nick's new book, Passion For Speed, the conversation turned quickly to cars. Some interesting insights came out from their chat, even touching on the choices of vehicle for various school runs.

The conversation then turned to the various tribute bands, with Nick discussing what he prefers to hear when other people cover Pink Floyd's music. Unsurprisingly, Nick edges more towards those who make their own interpretation of the music, rather than trying to cover the original (even including the band's original mistakes faithfully!).

Finally, Kate asked Nick what sort of material there was that was still unreleased. Nick noted (quite sadly, it seemed) that there was "almost nothing" that they hadn't released - the band were known for developing ideas, rather than quickly recording things which they then discarded. Nick did however said that "Next year we plan to release a couple of pieces where there are alternative versions. I think we've found the one where we were doing a version of Wish You Were Here at EMI, when Yehudi Menuhin and Stéphane Grappelli were in the next door studio, and Stéphane came in and played on the track. I think we've found that version..."

He also noted that they wanted to do a "last gasp" release of physical records, with the rise in online music, downloading stuff without the pleasure of the packaging and presentation that music used to come with. Presumably this is akin to the recent Beatles reissues?

You can hear the interview in full here...but be quick as it's only going to be on there until the weekend. Our thanks to Jez for the info on this interview.