Syd Barrett remembered in special interviews
Written by Matt   
Friday, 15 October 2010

An Introduction to Syd Barrett CD - 2010To tie in with the release of "An Introduction to Syd Barrett", today's issue of The Sun newspaper in the UK includes a two-page special spread that has interviews with Nick Mason, Storm Thorgerson, and Syd's sister Rosemary Breen.

Rosemary said of the compilation: "I'm really pleased with it and delighted that his work with Pink Floyd sits alongside his solo work. It does him proud". Nick talks about the early days of the Floyd with Syd, and mentions Piper At The Gates of Dawn. "I know it was only the first album of a band that has staggered on for 40-odd years but if it hadn't been for Syd, we wouldn't exist in the form we do or probably any form. I think it is nice to credit him with that".

Storm talks about childhood days with his friend, and also explains the thinking around the package design for "An Introduction to...". He said that it was "Firstly, to be vivid and colourful to reflect Syd's creative imagination. Secondly, to be varied and diverse, which is why there are illustrations to all his songs, and thirdly to hint at the darker, sadder side of Syd's life, hence the mirror which is not a mirror, the feather trees of autumn, and the escaping swan, breaking free from the confines of upbringing and education".

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