The Wall tour animator gives background to the stunning graphics
Written by Matt   
Thursday, 14 October 2010

Roger Waters - The Wall tour - Empty Spaces animationMusic promo director Ben Ib has reimagined Gerald Scarfe's animations for Roger Waters' epic concert tour of The Wall, which takes in 110 shows both sides of the Atlantic. On the DigitalArtsOnline website, he talks about how he created the scenes for use at a massive scale, using CGI to expand and enhance Scarfe's well-known images.

Ib's work can be seen on Empty Spaces, Run Like Hell and Goodbye Blue Sky. Ib said: "The Wall album is unique in that it's visual identity goes hand in hand with it's musical identity. This was always going to be the starting point. But it was also important to give the work a real punch, something different, something that the audience hadn't seen before."

It's a fascinating look at quite a unique design project, which can be read through this link. It includes some of the alternate, rejected ideas, along with some of the finished frames of animation. By the sound of it, Ib had a great time working on The Wall: "The screen really is huge. This is the real difference with working on a live show as opposed to a music video. You can see first hand evidence of the visuals really exciting the audience, really adding to the show. Often too much screen time can water down a performance, but, seeing the show, in this case the fans are genuinely hungry for it, and to have the privilege of feeding their hunger is a great position to be in."