Pink Floyd and The Wall related artwork
Written by Duff Llewellyn Moses   
Saturday, 11 September 2010
In Full Cry - Duff Moses money_-_duff_moses.jpg the_floyd_-_duff_moses.jpg

We've been sent three very interesting pieces of artwork, which seem entirely appropriate to be sharing with you with the start of the Roger Waters The Wall Live tour just days away. Here's what their creator has to say:

"My name is Duff Llewellyn Moses, I am a commercial artist in Los Angeles and can be found through These pieces are labors of love and procrastination based on my nearly lifelong fascination with the Floyd. The one of "The Wall" I call "In Full Cry" and is more of a proper illustration based on my recollections of the show I saw here in L.A on February 7, 1980. The odd angle from the left of stage is to be repeated this December as that is about where my seats for Roger Waters will be too. Ironic. I can't wait to take my kids to this show so they'll finally "understand". The one for "Money" is really just a collage of images and took me about a day. The psychedelic mirror ball one is also a collage and represents the boys as I see them in my dreams, young, shaggy and rocking out. It also took about a day. I am certain I will attempt more Floyd images in the future as it really entertains me to waste my time in this way."

Duff, we hope you waste some more of your time - we're certain many BD visitors will love them! Click the thumbnails to enjoy them in more detail...