The Orb featuring David Gilmour - release update
Written by Matt   
Sunday, 05 September 2010

The Orb featuring David Gilmour - Metallic SpheresLast month, we told you about the new collaboration between David Gilmour, and ambient wizards The Orb. The resulting album, Metallic Spheres, has really got the interest fired up amongst many of you, and we're getting a regular stream of emails asking about it, and how to get hold of it.

The date of release has now been fixed at October 11th in the UK, and one day later in North America. As a reminder, in addition to the standard CD album, there will be a 'Deluxe' 2CD version, which includes a 3D60™ version, a new sound production process which allows you to listen in three-dimensional sound through headphones (get a taster here). The album will also be available from iTunes, and there will also be a limited 180-gram vinyl version, exactly the same as the standard CD, but including a download card permitting you to download an additional ambient bonus track.

Pre-orders for the album have now started, and you can currently order the following:

SingleCD AmazonUK AmazonCA AmazonDE AmazonFR HMV Play Tesco
Deluxe 2CD
AmazonUK   AmazonCA AmazonDE AmazonFR HMV Play  
Vinyl AmazonUK AmazonCA AmazonDE AmazonFR HMV    

For the single CD, Play are substantially cheaper than the other European retailers at time of writing, and Amazon Germany are cheaper than the UK for the vinyl edition. Most retailers are now offering the 2CD set.

By the way, and quite importantly, we understand that the 3D60 mix on the 2CD set is substantially different to the 'standard' mix which is on the single CD set, so it sounds like it is definitely worth getting both if you can. And, for those who didn't see this via our Facebook page, here's the upgraded EPK for the album:

and to view a five minute "Making of", visit Amazon