Background and more photos of Roger Waters/David Gilmour reunion
Written by Matt   
Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Polly Samson - Hoping gallery thumbnailThis afternoon, Rolling Stone have shared a little of the fascinating background to the charity performance on Saturday night by Roger Waters and David Gilmour. In their article, co-organiser of the benefit Bella Freud reveals how much the pair enjoyed the evening. "David arrived first and then Roger came on and I saw Roger give David a hug," she says. "It was really lovely."

Attempts were made to get them to perform together at a Hoping benefit show last year. "There was the possibility of something happening", Freud said. "David said he would do something and I asked Roger and he said, 'I would definitely be up for it', but he was away".

David and Roger were originally planning to play three songs. But one attendee, Arpad Busson, donated £50,000 to get them to play Another Brick in the Wall, Pt 2. "Some other people were also saying they'd give £200,000 for them to play one more song", Freud added. "People were crying — really! I know it sounds corny, but it was magic. David and Roger — they looked so happy up there and they made something so beautiful happen."

Elsewhere, if you pop over to, there is a very nice selection of 19 pictures from the event in the photo gallery as the sneak preview thumbnail above shows (access the Hoping specific shots here). A great look at rehearsals and the show itself - definitely worth a visit!