Roger Waters talks of The Wall album and 2010/2011 tour
Written by Matt   
Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Paris MatchIn a new interview with Roger Waters published by Paris Match, Roger talks to Francois Lestavel about the background to the original recordings, and what the forthcoming concerts in America (2010) and Europe (2011) will include.

Roger: "Through the story of Pink, the man who built a wall to protect himself from the pain, I wanted to show how nations compete. Whether today or in 1979, we are still afraid of strangers. Politicians try to maintain the idea that there is a boundary between "them" and "us", while the difference between people is an accident of birth and geography. If we become more aware of this, then it will be easier to break down the walls - ideological and religious."

Talking about the possibility of the tour being his last, he said: "These major tours are physically demanding, and I'm not getting any younger. However, nothing is final." Lestavel asks about the plan to show victims of wars, projected onto the wall during the show, and if Roger fears if people may feel uncomfortable with this: "Perhaps, but entertaining people never interested me. I want to move them, otherwise I'd run a game show!"

Finally, he's asked about progress on a new album. "No, I'm focusing mostly on my next show. That said, I have a large number of songs that could be an album. But that's what I've been saying for ten years!"

You can read the whole interview (in French) at Our thanks to Yann Langlais-Plante for the info.