Could Pink Floyd The Wall live DVD be on its way?
Written by Matt   
Friday, 25 June 2010

An interview published yesterday in the Illinois Times has quickly caused quite a stir in the Floyd community. During an interview with one of the backing singers for the forthcoming Roger waters The Wall Live tour, Michael Lennon reveals something rather interesting...

Originally formed in 1977, three quarters of the band Venice (Kipp, Mark and Michael Lennon) were announced as vocalists for the tour. "It's like someone looked down and said, 'You've put in your 30 years of playing so here's a little break.' It's just amazing," said Michael Lennon. "Roger Waters was in my living room drinking Coronas while we watched a DVD of the first Wall tour."

The band are clearly thrilled with the prospects: "I've always been the hands-on guy in the band, there from set up to tear down. All the levels interest me," said Lennon. "I'm looking forward to seeing the intricacies of a tour of this magnitude. Then to know we'll be rubbing elbows with some of the biggest names in the business, plus the fact that they called us is great too."

Now, his comments about watching the original Wall shows on DVD doesn't necessarily mean a release is being prepared, but we know that work has been undertaken to find footage of good enough quality to release, and the recent EPK contains some very nice quality shots from these shows... it does all bode rather well!