1965 tour dates/concerts

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Key: PF = Pink Floyd; SB = Syd Barrett; RW = Roger Waters; DG = David Gilmour; RWr = Rick Wright; NM = Nick Mason.

? February PF Count Down Coffee & Wine Bar, Kensington, London, England
22 May PF Summer Dance, Homerton College, Cambridge, England
27 June PF Melody Maker Beat Contest, Wimbledon Palais, Wimbledon, London, England 
27 June
The Country Club, Belsize Park, London, England
30 October  PF
Great Shelford, near Cambridge, England (private party with Paul Simon and Jokers Wild also appearing)
? October  PF
Byam Shaw School Of Art, Kensington, London, England
? December PF The Goings On Club, Archer Street, London, England
18 December  PF
Village Hall, Old Weston, near Huntingdon, England
31 December  PF
New Years Dance, Youth Centre, Kimbolton, near Huntingdon, England
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