New video of David Gilmour, and old music gets CD release
Written by Matt   
Sunday, 23 May 2010

David Gilmour on Astoria during On An Island sessionsOver at, there's some interesting new footage to be found on the homepage. Gavin Elder, the film-maker behind various documentary shoots of David recently, not least the Live In Gdańsk DVD, has been looking at some of the film shot at the Astoria studio during the On An Island sessions. The first clip released (click thumbnail, right) shows work in progress on "A Pocketful Of Stones".

It gives a fascinating, if brief, glimpse into the creative and recording process, and with the hopes of more clips in the future, something we hope is either carried on, or indeed the footage assessed for a full release (even if just via mail order at

In other news, the 1975 album from David Courtney, "David Courtney's First Day" has recently been released on CD for the first time. The album title is now "First Day - the Complete Story" and includes seven bonus tracks. Of particular interest to BD visitors is the news that David Gilmour plays the guitar on the track "When Your Life Is Your Own". It can be ordered from,, Amazon UK,, Amazon Canada, Amazon France, or Amazon Germany.

Our thanks to Folkert Wagenaar of fansite for the CD info.