Roger Waters: "I have a ton of [new] songs"
Written by Matt   
Thursday, 29 April 2010

Roger Waters portrait 2010In a new interview with AP, Roger Waters talks about the mass of new material he has been working on. "I have a ton of songs. Some of them are recorded, and some of them are half-recorded, and I keep promising myself that I'm gonna find a collaborator and work on them and put them together in some kind of coherent form. I suspect I will do that in some time in the near future. But it's strange how time keeps clicking away. And each page turns faster then the last, in my experience."

The interview also finds Roger talking about The Wall - first, the postponed Broadway production (still in the works) and also ponders his inspirations for The Wall, along with the possibility of another Pink Floyd reunion (which is, as expected, unlikely to ever happen). Read the complete, published version of the interview here.