Roger Waters Wall tour - band personnel revealed
Written by Matt   
Friday, 23 April 2010

Roger Waters The Wall LiveOn the new (official) Facebook page set up for the Roger Waters Wall tour, there's a posting this evening from Roger himself detailing exactly who is in the touring band for what are shaping up to be truly spectacular shows.

There's no news yet on shows outside of North America, but we're hoping its not going to be long now before the details are revealed. Our thanks to you out there for your patience; we know from the many emails we're getting that there's some degree of frustration and eagerness to find out. Rest assured, we won't keep anything from you, especially now we're back from being trapped half-way around the world thanks to a certain Icelandic volcano which caused a few headaches here!

And now to Roger's announcement...

Roger: "OK. Here's the band... All good men and true. Five new faces. G.E.Smith (guitar) Robbie Wyckoff (lead singer, doing all David's old bits), and Jon Joyce who worked with me in 1980 and 1990 is joined on BVs by the Lennon cousins, Michael, Mark, and Kipp. The rest of the band you already know, Graham Broad (Drums), Dave Kilminster and Snowy White (Guitars), Jon Carin and Harry Waters (Keyboards). Can't wait to get into rehearsals. Sadly, no female BVs in THE WALL, Katie, Pat, Carol, Sylvia we shall miss you!
Love Roger

The Wall Live:

Graham Broad

Dave Kilminster
G.E. Smith
Snowy White

Jon Carin
Harry Waters

Lead Vocals:
Robbie Wyckoff

Backing Vocals:
Jon Joyce
Mark Lennon
Michael Lennon *
Kipp Lennon"

So there you have it - official confirmation of just who will be on stage each night. It's worth regularly visiting the official Roger Waters Facebook page for some great, personal insights into how the project is moving along. We'll naturally bring you more Wall news as it comes out...

* UPDATE, August 13th: Pat Lennon has replaced his brother Michael in the backing vocals line-up.