Pink Floyd themed episode of Cold Case - reminder
Written by Matt   
Friday, 19 March 2010

Cold CaseA reminder for you of an upcoming TV show that might be of interest: US TV crime series Cold Case occasionally creates themed episodes featuring songs from one artist and in March it will be Pink Floyd's turn. The US debut screening of the episode in question - 'Flashover' (season 7, episode 17 of the show) - is this coming Sunday (March 21st) at 10pm EST (Eastern Standard Time) on the CBS Network. The series runs on Sky 1 and Sky 3 in the UK (Sky 1 running new episodes, and Sky 3 the repeat showings), and in a number of other countries, including the Netherlands, Argentina, Chile, Hungary and Spain, but we have no information yet on specific dates, times, or networks. Please check your local TV listings for airing details.

The episode will include extracts of seven songs: Comfortably Numb, Hey You, Mother, Marooned, Wish You Were Here, Time and The Thin Ice, and is starting to be heavily advertised in the US on TV and in other media. Who knows, this show may well result in a number of new Pink Floyd fans!