Another Brick In The Wall cover to raise awareness of Iran
Written by Matt   
Sunday, 07 February 2010

Blurred Vision, headed by two Iranian Canadian brothers, have recorded a cover version of Pink Floyd's "Another Brick In The Wall, part II", in support of the youth and freedom movement in Iran, and to help galvanise the international community to stand in solidarity with the youth of Iran, fighting a repressive regime to gain their freedom.

Having gained the approval of Roger Waters to record the track, which is subtitled "Hey Ayatollah, Leave Those Kids Alone!", the song is the band's first commercial release, produced by legendary rock producer Terry Brown and released by Canadian independent label, C12 Records (distributed by EMI Records).

The video, shown below, was a collaboration with acclaimed filmmaker Babak Payami to visualize their interpretation of the song:

The video is posted at the band's website,, if you are unable to view it above. The musical and visual treatment goes beyond dramatizing the realities of countries like Iran in our times. The music video emphasizes the importance of citizen journalism in transporting the bitter realities of another remote part of the world, while it warns of its implications on us in the safety of our homes far away.

"Another Brick" highlights the realities of musical optimism and the relentless, universal drive towards liberty and freedom, while documenting the world's first electronic revolution. The music video punches through the traditional boundaries of highly-polished visual styles into a brave new realm of raw, organic and mixed formats - both visually and thematically.

Alice Cooper biographer Jeffrey Morgan noted this about Blurred Vision's recording: "Rarely in the history of rock 'n' roll does a cover version come along that actually dares to exist at the right reactionary time. By cleverly updating Pink Floyd's 1979 iconic protest anthem "Another Brick In The Wall" exactly thirty years to the month that it was originally released, Blurred Vision are wielding their activist music as an irresistible force irrevocably set in motion to shake up the staid conventions of repressive regimes and show solidarity with common street soldiers everywhere. Thanks to Blurred Vision, the revolution will be downloaded."

The brothers were interviewed on CNN, and you can view the interview at