Nick Mason with Danny Baker: "Terry Wogan's drummer!"
Written by Matt   
Sunday, 15 November 2009

Nick Mason on Danny Baker's BBC 5 Live show, 14th November 2009Yesterday morning saw Nick Mason make a guest appearance on Danny Baker's BBC Radio 5 Live show [click thumbnail, left], as we alerted you on Friday. Nick was in good form, and within the 24 minutes that they were chatting, subjects such as Nick's early cars, the number of drumkits he owns, and his contribution to the BBC Children In Need charity album ("I've become Terry Wogan's drummer!") were all covered, as was the Royal Mail stamp featuring The Division Bell cover: "It's just sad that there'll probably be a postal strike and no-one will get one...", Nick joked.

He was asked about Roger's possible Wall tour: "I haven't been approached as yet, and I wouldn't have thought that I'd want to do the whole tour of The Wall again. I think this'll be Roger's version of the show."

Danny also asked him if he saw a future for Pink Floyd. "I think so. I think Live8 showed that we could continue and certainly I hope that if there's ever the opportunity to do something like that again, we could step up to the plate". Danny said "as we all know, they need their heads banging together!", to which Nick replied: "I'm getting too old for that - too weak and feeble..."

Finally, Nick raised a laugh in the studio when asked about the impressive stage effects during their concerts: "We never really learnt how to moonwalk - not enough to be comfortable with it!"

You can download the 22MB podcast of the second half of the show, which features Nick's interview in full, HERE.