German magazine special on Pink Floyd's The Wall out now
Written by Matt   
Monday, 02 November 2009

Eclipsed 116 - November 2009The current issue (number 116, cover date November 2009) of German music magazine "Eclipsed" (a suitably Floydie name if ever we heard one!) includes a feature on the 30th anniversary of Pink Floyd's The Wall within its pages. Not having seen the issue yet, we cannot confirm how sizeable it is, or how wide-ranging it is in scope.

Other articles in the magazine cast their net in diverse directions, with a look at the careers of the great British singer/songwriter Ray Davies, Genesis (specifically, in the live setting), and The New Model Army (amongst others).

The magazine is now available on bookstands and in stores across Germany, and more information (and contact details for mail order enquiries) can be found at . Our thanks to Oliver Krajewski for the info.