Pink Floyd and Syd Barrett 2010 Calendars
Written by Matt   
Saturday, 19 September 2009
Syd Barrett calendar 2010 Syd Barrett calendar 2010
Pink Floyd calendar 2010 Pink Floyd calendar 2010
Pink Floyd calendar 2010  

In the run up to the Christmas holiday season, a very popular item amongst Pink Floyd fans has traditionally been the calendar for the coming year. For those who have enjoyed these in previous years, the news that there are to be not one, but two officially approved and licenced calendars for 2010 that should be available in the next week or so, will be met with some excitement.

Designed by Storm Thorgerson and Peter Curzon, the Pink Floyd 2010 calendar will (in typical punning style) enable fans to "wake up and smell the coffee" every single day, courtesy of the cover design. As befitting a calendar that has a different Dark Side Of The Moon interpretation each month, the cover has the iconic image recreated chiefly in coffee beans!

The other calendar they've designed focuses on Syd Barrett, and features a variety of pictures - ranging from Syd's own artwork, through some classic and unusual images, and even the StormStudios "Doors" picture created for the Syd Barrett City Wakes festival that was held in Cambridge.

Click the thumbnails to see the calendars in more detail. Size-wise, they are the same as previous recent years - measuring 30cm x 30cm each page, opening out to 60cm x 30cm (as per the final thumbnail shown here). The Barrett calendar can be ordered now from Amazon UK (no other Amazon stores have this, but the UK store will ship worldwide), and the Pink Floyd calendar from Amazon UK, Amazon Germany, Amazon France, and also Using these links gives much needed help towards site running costs!